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Task management

Show your efficiency by completing tasks or assign them to your team members and evaluate the results with the generated analytics.


Evaluate the efficiency of individuals, team members or groups with the automatically generated analytics, displayed by a variety of charts and tables.


You can set up any repeat interval when assigning tasks and let the application automatically generate them accordingly to your repeat definition.


Organize your time more efficiently with the task calendar. You can check the calendar for all your upcoming tasks, and review them in advance.

User management

Invite new users and virtualize your organization's hierarchy. You can always manage users and their relations from the application.


For assignment purposes and analytic reviews you can create tags and assign them to users which effectively groups them by the tag's value.


Actions in the application are dependent on the organization's hierarchy. Users can only assign tasks and view the analytics of users who are in their hierarchical branch.

Much more to come

We are constantly working on expanding the functionalities of our platform. By using Tasktility you will always be up to date with the newest version.


Web application2

Easily log into your Tasktility account from any modern browser and enjoy all the functionalities we have to offer. Our web application features an intuitive design with a dark theme.

Mobile app3

Manage your tasks wherever you are with our mobile App. It's available on both Android and IOS smartphones and it's downloadable from the Play Store and App Store.

Task management4

You can manage your own task lists by concluding the individual tasks from the lists as well as create, edit, copy and delete list assigned to your members. Each list has a cycle of statuses which are updated automatically. Once all tasks of a list are completed, the assigner must approve the list.

Task calendar5

The task calendar is a tool which makes it easy for you to visualize your task plan per dates. You can see your upcoming tasks and see their details before they become active.


Once tasks start to flow, you naturally want to see the results. We visualize the results via a set of charts and tables which can show the analytics of individuals, teams or of users from multiple tags.

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Tags are a way to logically cluster users into groups. By designating tags to users, you can assign the same list to multiple users at once and compare their analytics.
Hierarchy tree
Your organization's hierarchy is visualized by an interactive tree graph which enables you to have a better understanding of the relations between each user.
Never miss out on tasks with our push notifications. Both our web and mobile app feature notifications which will let you know when you have new tasks.


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20/user a month
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1800 /month
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